Eyelash Extension Sky Glue


  • Sky S+ Eyelash Extension Glue / Adhesive has Fast Drying Time – 1-2  SECONDS. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Never use this product on your own  with individual lashes, Cluster or Strip lashes. This lash extension  glue is for advanced lash stylists. NOT FOR SELF-APPLICATION
  •  This powerful glue for eyelash extension has amazing retention period  (bonding) – 6-7 WEEKS. This glue is one of the strongest bonding  adhesives available on the market. Your clients will feel like they are  really getting the best lashes when they last a long time
  •  Sky S+ is a LATEX-FREE adhesive produced under ISO quality management  standards. The perfect choice for skilled professional eyelash  extensions artists
  •  Eyelash Extension Glue Sky S+ is ideal for high skill and fast hand  technicians due to its fast drying time. Try it and make sure it is high  quality product




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